How many strategies, trading bots or signals can I access via your platform?

Today we have released a number of crypto strategies that we have developed internally. We want to keep delivering performance for our users, that's why we regularly develop new strategies that can be added to the selection, once validated. We also plan to onboard external strategies in the near future. Please note that the availability and combination of the strategies may depend on the exchange you are using.


A trading bot is a piece of software that follows a certain strategy. In that sense the number of strategies you want to follow on NapBots is the same as the number of bots you're executing on a given exchange. However, signals are triggers for action, either to buy (long) or sell (short) a crypto asset or futures contract for a certain crypto asset, generated by analysis. In our case, this analysis is generated using mathematical models based on price levels, volume levels and other relevant market factors. During a market range, some of our strategies can be neutral meaning that the bots will not open long positions nor short positions.



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