What does the trading limit on my subscription refer to and how to upgrade it?

Upgrading the maximum trading amount on your subscription

For each plan you have a maximum trading limit: 1000 EUR for the silver one, 3000 EUR for the gold one and 5000 EUR for the Platinum one. 

In case you want to trade above these limits, you need to upgrade your trading limit in your account by going in your Dashboard. In your Dashboard, on the exchange section, click on "Need More" and add the necessary amount by moving the slider and saving your allocation.. This is a paying feature.


What happen when I reach my trading limit?
If your position reaches above your plan limit, i.e. max amount allowed per plan, the trading bot will not close the position in order to trade in the plan limit. However, the next orders will be executed up to the trade limit of the subscription plan.

For example, on a Platinum account, you can manage a portfolio up to 5000EUR. So, if your wallet is 4000EUR and the trading bot has a 100% long position, it will buy for 4000EUR. However, but if you have 7000EUR in your wallet, the trading bot will only buy for 5000EUR.

The trading limit does not take into account the leverage. Thus, if you have a Platinium account with 4000EUR in your wallet and your leverage is set to 1.5x for example, Napbots will invest up to 6000EUR.

As long as your portfolio does not go beyond these levels, you will be fine.




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