How to pay my subscription with crypto-currencies?


We allow users who wish to pay their subscription in crypto to do so in ETH. We also allow the supporters of NapoleonX's ICO to use the NPX token to pay 25% of their NapBots subscription price with the ICO price (1 NPX = 0.001 ETH).

If you choose to pay credits in ETH, an account will be created with your ETH payment. This account will be used the following month(s) for the payment of your monthly subscription, so you can pay several month at once.

It usually takes up to 2 hours for the transaction to be validated through the Ethereum chain, this may vary depending on the network's traffic. After completing the payment with ETH, you will receive the following email:

  • an email validating your transaction
  • an email confirming that your account has been credited.

In order to set up your trading bot, you will need to wait until the reception of the second email. It usually takes up to 1 hour to confirm the transaction to our plateform.

If you have difficulties with you ETH payment, you can watch this tutorials :

Some platform you may use to pay in crypto charge transaction fees. Thus, when you are doing your ETH payment, please verify the amount recieved by Napbots correspond to your monthly subscirption price.


If you want to know how to change of payment method: click on this link

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