How can I change my maximum trading allocation ?

Changing your maximum trading exposure

Supposing you have 10k on your wallet and you have a Platinium plan. The trading limit for the Platinium plan is 5k, and you want to trade up to 2k. To do so, you will need to set your leverage at 40% in your Dashboard so that only 2k would be traded even though you may have a limit at 5k. 

You can then increase regularly overtime if you feel confident. However, if you were to set leverage at 1,0x again, only 5k would be traded from your account if you have not increased the default allocation on your Platinum subscription. 

You can watch this tutorial to see how to change your leverage: 


Upgrading the maximum trading amount on your subscription

If you want to increase your budget amount you need to go to your dashboard, on the exchange section click on "Need More" and add the necessary amount by moving the slider and saving your allocation. 

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