For the set up of the bots, here are some common-sense principles:

  1. use diversification on 2/3 bots up to an investment of 3000 EUR and 3/5 bots beyond that.
  2. if you have access to hourly strategies, it is better to use 20/30% daily/weekly strategies to reduce turnover and stabilise your trading frequency.
  3. use our simulation tool available on the "allocation" page of your dashboard in order to optimise what you are interested in: performance, drawdown, average trade gain ...
  4. don't change your allocation every 4 mornings, especially when your mix hasn't worked too well. This is one of our beginners' main mistakes.
  5. finally, control your appetite for risk (or to take profits) with the lever on your "allocation" page if it is available in your subscription.


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