In order to check if the bot is correctly set up, go to your Dashboard. In the exchange Section you should see a green thumbnail beside your active exchange name (see picture below):




If a caution sign appears beside your active exchange name, you will need to check if your API Key is correctly set up. For example, if you are using Binance as exchange for your bot, your API key should have the same settings than the picture below:


API settings for other exchange are available on these tutorials:


If you are using Binance as exchange for your bot, you could also check that your position mode on the exchange is set as “One-way Mode”. To see your position mode settings open a trading interface on Binance ( for example) and go on the position mode settings (please see pictures below).



Binance_position_mode.png Binance_One_way_mode.png


If everything seems normal, you can try to generate a new API key (tutorials for each example are available above).Then go to and click on "see details" on your dashboard. Go to the "settings" tab and change your API key by clicking on "Edit". Then make a save.

If you change your API key settings in order to match the example below, the first trade will appear within 2 hours for hourly strategies or at midnight UTC for daily and weekly strategies. If no trade appears in the Dashboard, it could be explained by the fact that the strategies you choose are in neutral mode.

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