A tutoral to set up your Napbtots account is presented below: 


In order to set up your Napbots account, you need to login on NapBots and choose your exchange.




After selecting your exchange, you need to choose your strategy mix. We advise you to choose at least 2 or 3 strategies to diversifying your investment. If you like more information on our strategies, you can go on the "Explore Crypto Bots" tab. If you go to this tab and want to go back on the bots selection, please click on the Dashboard tab and then on the bots selection button next to your exchnage logo.




Click on Next after choosing your allocation mix and enter your billing details to validate payment. The amount of your subscription is based on the bots you selected previously. Please, be aware than if you pay in crypto, the payment could take up to 2 hours to be validated.

After validating payment go to your Dashboard to add your API key. If you do not know how to create an API key, you can follow these tutorials:

After connecting your API Key, do not forget to activate your exchange by clicking on the button next to your exchange name on the Dasboard.




After setting up your Napbots account, the first trade will appear within 2 hours for hourly strategies or at midnight UTC for daily and weekly strategies.

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