NapBots is a software program that uses your crypto exchange to trade on your behalf automatically, this automated service requires your API key in order to operate. Which actually is a password that helps to link your NapBots account with your exchange and execute orders. It's very safe because the API only has the rights to execute orders, not withdraws.


To set your trading bot with binance, you can follow our youtube video or follow these easy quick steps: 


1- Login to your Binance account or open an account by filling out the short form on the Binance login page. Enrolment is quick and easy, you simply choose the login conditions that would undoubtedly be required to do something on the platform.


You type a valid email address as well as a secure password that is difficult for anyone to guess. And then an email will be sent to you to confirm that you have entered on the system. Finally, sign in to your email address and activate it. This validates the registration and starts the process of obtaining ADA cryptocurrency.



2- Once you’re logged in your Binance account, go to the bar at the top of the page, and click on wallet then on futures.



After that, to activate your Binance Futures account, click the Open now button. And that's all it is.



If you don’t have any funds deposited to Binance, click on wallet then on fiat and spot.



Next, select deposit.



Then click on the crypto tab and choose the crypto currency you would like to deposit.


To transfer funds to your Futures Wallet, go on the right side of the Binance Futures tab and click on transfer.


Define the amount to be transferred and then press Confirm. You'll be able to see the balance added in your Futures Wallet within a few minutes. The double-arrow symbol, as seen below, can be used to change the transfer's direction.


Now that you have a funded binance account, go to the API Management Section and create a new API.



Once you’ve created your API Key, check your email to verify and activate the key. You must also enable futures in the API settings by clicking on Edit restrictions then on Enable futures and save.

Some security authentications are going to be required at each step to ensure that you are the one making these settings.


Last but not the least, log in to NapBots and paste your API Key. From your dashboard, go to see details then to settings.

Finally, Paste your API key and click on Connect.

To finish, check NapBots Dashboard, you should have a green thumb indicating everything is in order.

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