2/4 How to invest your funds on Kraken?


To use NapBots with Kraken, you must have funds in your Spot account in Euro (EUR) or Dollar (USD) only. 

In case your funds are not in these currencies, your bots will not be able to detect them and therefore will not be able to open positions. 

Note that the bot will open positions with all your funds, whether they are in EUR or USD. However, when it closes them, it will return your funds only in USD because our bots invest only in USD pairs. 


To deposit your funds, please go to your Kraken dashboard and click on Funding. Then click on Deposit :



Proceed to deposit using the method of your choice. 

Once you have completed the process, your funds will appear in your Dashboard


Congratulations, you are two steps away from trading like a pro!

The next one is to set up your API correctly. To know how to do it, click here.


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