3/6 Create a subaccount and fund it with USD


The next step is to create a sub-account, and thus fund it with USD.

To do this, go back to your dashboard, click on your email address and now click on Subaccounts:


Then, please select Manage sub-accounts


On the next page, just click on Create a subaccount:


We are almost done, now you just have to give a name to your sub-account, here we will take NapBots, and click on Create Subaccount.


Once you have created your sub-account, you can now fund it with USD. To do so, click again on your email address on the top right and select Portfolio.

Once in this section, be sure to select the sub-account that corresponds to the NapBots sub-account, you will notice that you have the ability to directly transfer funds from one account to another if you already have USD in the main account.

However, if your account is not funded, you can select your sub-account and in front of the USD, click on Deposit. 


You will then have several possibilities to fund your account, note that you must fund from USD, so you can pay by card (500 euros per day) or by transfer: 



If you can see that your funds are correctly displayed, you can proceed to the next step: 

Leverage settings

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