[V2] 3/5 Tutorial to configure the API key


Click on this link and it will take you to the Kraken Spot API key creation form. You can also access it by hovering over the user icon in the upper right corner and clicking on Security, then API.



Then click on Add Key : 



At the very top in the API Key Description field, enter the name you want to give to this API key (e.g. "NapBots") and configure the parameters of your API key as below:



Click on Generate Key

The two important data to copy are API Key and Private Key. These are the two codes that you will paste into the fields on the Settings page of your NapBots account.


The last step is now to copy your API key, as well as your secret key to NapBots and to do this, go to the NapBots platform.

On your Dashboard, click on Add API Key.


You can then copy and paste your two keys:


Once the information is filled in, you should get a confirmation message in green, as in the image below:



Congratulations! Your Kraken and NapBots accounts are now synchronized with each other. 

There is only one step left before you reach the goal! To find out what it is, click here

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