[V2] 2/7 Create your FTX account


In order to create an account on the FTX platform, please visit the following link : 


You can enter our  " napbots " referral code to receive a discount on the fees.


Once on this page, please enter your e-mail address and a password.

You will then have to validate your account by clicking on the link provided on your email address.


Congratulations ! Your FTX account is ready !


In order to deposit USD on the platform, you must go through the KYC step. 

FTX has three different tiers of KYC requirements.  Please see below for a summary of the levels, we recommend that you perform a full KYC, to unlock all features related to your account: 


First step, go to the platform's settings, to do so, click on your email address on the dashboard, and then click on Settings.


Once this window is open, you must now click on Identity Verification.


The first level of verification is simple, you will need to enter your personal information and submit it to the platform, to do this click on Enable trading and deposits.


Let's move on to the second step. Once the information is filled in and validated, a small pop-up confirming the submission of the documents will appear, you must scroll up your page, you will see that a new window is available.


Before that, scroll to the top of this window and select your main source of income.


Once completed, you can start your verification in the window provided for this purpose. You will need to bring an identity document (ID card, passport etc.), and take a selfie of yourself in order to authenticate yourself.

Once all these steps are done and your profile is validated (the process of validation process can take a few hours) you can move on to the next step, create a sub-account and fund it with USD.


Congratulations ! Your KYC is done !

If you have any difficulties with this process, there is also a tutorial available in English on the FTX page, here

Now we will go to the next step, to know how to create your sub-account, please click here.

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