[V2] 5/7 Tutorial to configure the API key

The last and most important step is to connect your API key with NapBots.

To do this, go to your FTX account settings and click API (1).

Make sure that the sub-account is the one you want to use (2), so here we will use the NapBots sub-account. You can then click on Create an API key for NapBots. (3) 


You will then have two keys available as below: 


The last step is now to copy your API key, as well as your secret key to NapBots and to do this, go to the NapBots platform.

On your dashboard, click on Add API Key.


You will then be able to copy and paste your two keys, you will also have to indicate the subaccount corresponding to the one you created beforehand.


Once the information is filled in, you should get a confirmation message in green, as in the image below:



Congratulations! Your FTX and NapBots accounts are now synchronized with each other. 

There is only one step left before you reach the goal! To find out what it is, click here

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