There are two options to increase your trading limit :


1. Increase the leverage of NapBots

(only for Gold, Platinum and Diamond users)


For instance, if you have a Investment capacity of 1000$, you can invest up to 1,500$ by using a leverage of x1.5 on your Wallet tab.

This allows you to use more capital without having a more expensive subscription.

To change your leverage, you must go to the Wallet tab: 

Then you can slide the cursor to adjust the desired leverage.


Once you have chosen the lever of your choice, click on Update leverage:


When leverage is set, it is used on every trade. Keep in mind that leverage is only available for the Gold and the Platinum plans.

2.Increase your  Maximum Investment capacity

On the left of the screen, click on "Manage your subscription":




Once you are in the plan information page, click on Update plan:



Finally, choose the investment capacity you want to set up, then click on Update investment capacity.




After validating your choice, a summary window will allow you to have all the necessary information concerning the change of investment capacity.





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