[V2] How to upgrade / downgrade my subscription?


Once you have subscribed to NapBots, you have the option of updating your subscription to a higher subscription (e.g. Silver to Gold) or to a lower subscription (e.g. Platinum to Gold).

How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

To do so, you must go to your Profil tab:


Once on the Active Subscription page, you will have to click on Manage:


Then you will need to click on Update plan:

On the next page, you will have the possibility to change your Maximum Investment Capacity but also, and especially, the possibility to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

You will be able to see your current subscription (here Gold), but also the lower subscriptions available (here Silver), or higher (here Platinum & Diamond):

All you have to do is click on either Downgrade or Upgrade.

By clicking on one of these buttons, a window will open with a summary of your situation.

In the example below, let's say you have a €3000 Gold membership, and you want to upgrade to a €5000 Platinum membership. Also, in this example, it's November 16th, and your subscription renewal is originally scheduled for November 19th.

You will have a global view of your subscription, with :

  • The current subscription
  • The desired subscription
  • The Exchange concerned
  • The number of days remaining in your current period
  • The difference between the amount due for the remaining days of the current period with the new subscription and the amount already paid for the remaining days of the current subscription.
  • The date of your next monthly invoice.

To confirm your subscription update, all you have to do is click on Update to PLATINUM.


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