[V2] What does the "Maximum investment capacity" on my subscription refer to?


The Maximum Investment Capacity represents the maximum amount you allow our bots to use. This capacity will remain unchanged until you decide to increase or decrease it.

For instance, if you have set your maximum investment capacity to $3000 to the bots and your portfolio increases to $5000, the bots will still only use $3000 at most.

The only ways for them to use more than what you have allocated to them are the following ones:

  • Put a leverage on NapBots greater than x1. The maximum leverage on NapBots is x1.5, which means they will be able to use 50% more than your maximum investment capacity.
  • Manually increase your maximum investment capacity. 


Thanks to the table available in the Plan Selection page, you have access to the four subscriptions we offer.

The initial Maximum investment capacity for the Silver subscription is €1000, for the Gold subscription €3000 and for the Platinum subscription €5000.
However, you are not obliged to use your entire maximum investment capacity. For example, it is possible to subscribe to the Gold plan with €2000.

NapBots_v2_-_Selection_de_l_abonnement_clear_ENG.pngIf you want to know how to upgrade your Maximum Investment Capacity, click here


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