[V2] How to close a position took by my trading bot?


You have two options to close a position taken by NapBots:

  • Reduce your leverage to close open positions in the next trading window
  • Deallocate your funds to manually close the positions via the Exchange

How do I automatically close my positions? 

NapBots leverage allows you to adjust the amount of your allocation that can be used by the bots. For example:

  • Leverage x1.5 will allow the bots to use up to 50% more of your available capital without needing to increase either your Allocated Funds or your Maximum Investment Capacity
  • Leverage x1 will allow full use of your Allocated Funds. 
  • Leverage x0 will make it impossible for bots to open positions because 0% of your capital will be committed. 

Thus, by reducing the leverage to 0, the bots will be able to close their positions during the next buy/sell window but will not be able to open new ones. This method has the advantage of being entirely "healthy" since it does not disturb the bot's proper functioning.

To do this, go to the Wallet tab:


Once you are in your Wallet, scroll down the page until you reach the Leverage setting:

NapBots_v2_-_Leverage_ENG.pngYou will then just have to adjust the leverage to x0 and validate your choice by clicking on Update leverage:

Please note that only users with the Gold, Platinum or Diamond plan can adjust the NapBots leverage. 


How do I manually close my positions? 

In order to manually close your positions via your Exchange (Binance for example), you must first perform a manipulation on NapBots to avoid any malfunction from our bots. 

To do this, go to your Wallet tab: 


Then, in the Allocated Funds box, please reduce the gauge slider to 0 and click Update Allocated Funds:


Once you have deallocated your funds, then you can manually close your positions directly on your Exchange.


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