[V2] 6/7 Allocate your funds

Please note that before this step, you need to make sure that you have created a FTX sub-account funded with USD. If not, please click on this link to see our tutorial.


Last part of our tutorial, it is necessary to allocate your funds once the API key is configured. 

To do this, please go to your dashboard and click on the last button of the setup process "Allocate funds




You will find below the box relating to the funds that you have / will allocate to our bots: 


Some explanations:

  • Number 1 : Corresponds to the funds allocated at the moment T; it will automatically update according to the amount that you will choose using the slider.
  • Number 2 : Indicates your Maximum investment capacity according to your previous choices. Here for instance, we took a Platinum basis subscription with an investment capacity of 5,000$. You will be able to modify this investment capacity whenever you want. For more information, visit our dedicated page here.
  • Number 3 : Corresponds to the amount of investment that you can still allocate, depending on your subscription.
  • Number 4 : Represents the amount of funds you have available on your Exchange. If the amount displayed below Exchange available to allocate is equal to 0, then please verify that you have converted your funds into the right currency, depending on the Exchange you have chosen using this article (info about exchange).

The slider will allow you, as mentioned above, to choose the amount you wish to allocate to your investment.

Once you have selected your budget, you can then click Update Allocated Funds to confirm your choice.

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