[V2] How to migrate from Binance to FTX

As of August 2, Binance Futures will no longer be available in France. As a result, all our AR, AI and Prebuilt strategies will no longer be able to work on Binance Futures

That's why we advise our users to migrate now to FTX to continue to take full advantage of Napbots v2 features. 


Here are the steps to follow to make the migration as smooth as possible: 


1- Deallocate your funds 

You must first go to the "Portfolio" tab to withdraw the funds from your Bots connected to Binance Future (not necessary for Binance Spot). Then click on "Manage", reduce the slider to zero and confirm. 

2- Close positions on Binance Future

Now that your funds are deallocated, your positions are no longer managed by the Bots and you must close them manually. To do so, go to your Binance Future account and click on "Close all positions". 

3- Open and setup an FTX account

All you have to do now is create your FTX account. By clicking on the following affiliate link, you will be able to benefit from reduced trading fees: Click here to subscribe

You now have to configure your sub-account and generate a new API key. Here are some articles that will help you do this: 

-Create a sub-account and fund it with USD 

-Setting up your leverage 

-Setting up your API key 


 You can now go back to Napbots v2 and reallocate your funds to your strategies! 

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